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Mobile IV Services at Competitions

  • Want to keep the party going?
  • Help your body regenerate after hot days and long nights?
  • Relax, unwind, and prepare for a good night’s sleep or a big day of fun!

Come by the IV Pro Solutions (MedStar) Trailer or tent for the IV Solution that you need for the day or throughout the weekend.  We will be next to the Medical Area, at the festival site. They can also make arrangements to come by your camp, tent, or possibly hotel room. 

Who is IV Pro?

IV Pro Solutions is an entity of our incredible medical team of professional EMTs and Paramedics caring for all of us at festivals, and other special events. 

Our clinicians will have their mobile medical treatment facility converted into a relaxing area where you can sign up, get an IV (of your liking), and hydrate or rejuvenate to get the best out of all the activities at this year’s weekend of fun, music, and festivities.



The Starting Line – Normal Saline Bag: $80 

Our starter bag quickly and efficiently rehydrates you without any fuss over additives. Simple, quick, and easy, our most affordable option gives you only what we all know the body needs: WATER! One quick poke and you’ll be feeling refreshed in minutes, not hours!

The Leader of the Pack – Normal Saline Bag: $100 

Leader of the Pack $100

This package includes the Baseline plus some anti-nausea medication to settle your upset stomach and pre-race jitters to keep you pushing to the finish line.

The CHAMP – Normal Saline Bag: $150 

For that extra boost or “nitrous” this one can keep you going strong and fueled.

The Wold Champ- Normal Saline Bag: $175 

Make the world’s stage and get all the advantages you can. This bag goes beyond Champ to the next level.

Banana Bag- Ringers Lactate Bag: $225 

The IV everyone knows and loves is here with an IV Pro twist thrown on it! We take the classic Banana bag and give it an extra boost of nutrients by swapping out the standard bag of saline with Lactated Ringers! This splash of nutrients might as well make this bag gold yellow instead of banana!

Hole Shot- Lactated Ringers Bag: $250 

Be ready before the race begins with our superior hydration bag focused on the added electrolytes and vitamins. This one will get you across the finish line like a winner.

Appointments will fill up fast and our supply will be based on the number of Pre-Orders that we receive. Be sure that we have you covered by ordering your IV today.

Special Offers Available in 2023

Buddy System -- 10% Off

We always recommend you use the buddy system and you get value from it when using this for your IV wellness.

Our Buddy System special allows you and your buddy to get 10% off all your wellness treatments, good for each visit. 

Join the Pack -- 20% Off

Are you traveling in a Pack? Our group discount for 10 or more people will get you twice the savings.

This Pack special allows you and 10 of those in your pack  20% off all your wellness treatments, good for each visit. 

After Hours

You may need extra attention when we may not be up and about. However, we can make some special arrangements for those needing that special attention. 

We Can't Wait To See You All Very Soon !

Stay Hydrated - Play Safe - Enjoy your event - We are here for YOU!